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Seed Library


We are excited for the launch of the Bartlett Public Library District Seed Library.  Our Seed Library is housed in the Youth & Teen Services Department.

Here’s how it works:

    Patrons are allowed to take home up to 3 seeds.  This is done purely on the honor system.  Check out our collection!

    Take seeds home and grow them! Look for packets labeled “Easy” if you’re new to gardening, and “Experienced” for the more difficult plants to grow and save seed from.  Heirloom seeds are also labeled “Experienced.”  Seeds saved from hybrids will not be accepted but are available this season to take home if you’re new to gardening or are just interested in trying your hand at growing something you normally wouldn’t. 

    If you have a successful season resulting in strong, healthy plants, save the seeds!  You can start your own collection at home and grow them next year.  You can also share them with other gardeners by donating to our collection.   If you’re interested in donating, please fill out a “Return” slip with as much information as possible for the next gardener.

Please note that we are only accepting saved seed from heirloom or open-pollinated plants. Heirloom seeds are seeds that have been taken from “preferable” plants or vegetables and passed on for a long period of time, often from generation to generation.  Seeds saved from hybrids are not accepted because they will very likely not grow for the next gardener the way they’re expected to.  Our goal is to one day be fully sustainable through donations and create a collection that is specific to our region.


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