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Adventure Stories for All Ages


Lower ElementaryYouth Stories for All Ages

Dodsworth in New York by Tim Egan
E reader EGA
Dodsworth wants to go on an adventure to New York. But he wasn’t expecting the company of a crazy duck. Will Dodsworth still be able to have an adventure even with the duck’s silly antics?


Squirrel World by Johanna Hurwitz
This is the story of Lexi the squirrel and his cousin Lenox who live in Central Park. Together they go on an adventure into New York City and find it wilder and more dangerous than they imagined.
Other Park Pals Adventure books include: Lexi’s Tale and PeeWee & Plush.


Martin Bridge Sound the Alarm! by Jessica Scott Kerrin *(Lexile 670L)
Martin Bridge returns in two more humorous adventures. Martin adjusts to a new babysitter, is teased about liking cartoon superhero Zip Rideout, and finally locked in a toy store after closing.


Wilky the White House Cockroach by Howie Schneider
Wilky the cockroach dreams of following in the footsteps of his great adventurer uncle, Julius. Riding inside a pizza box, Wilky make his way to the Oval Room of the White House for many humorous adventures with the President of the United States.


A Porc in New York by Catherine Stock *(Lexile AD920L)
The farm animals sneak off behind their owner’s back for another adventure. This time it is across the Atlantic to the bustling city of New York. When Monsieur Monmouton discovers the empty barn, he chases them down and joins in the excitement. A sequel to A Spree in Paree.


A Spree in Paree by Catherine Stock
Monsieur Monmouton and his pigs, sheep, goats, cows, chickens, and geese visit the most famous sights in the French capital.


Upper Elementary

MVP: Magellan Voyage Project by Douglas Evans *(Lexile 690L)
Adam Story went to the After-School Club as always and started surfing the internet when a man in a black suit and turban approached him and asked if he would like to travel around the world all expenses paid. If he comes back home in 40 days, he will win 4 million dollars. Should Adam accept the challenge?


Into the Woods by Lyn Gardner
On the day of her mother’s death, Storm Eden receives a magical pipe and is instructed to never let it go since it has great power. Now she and her sisters, Aurora and Anything, are being pursued by the evil Dr. DeWilde and his pack of wolves. Join the sisters as they escape through a world of magical fairy tales and myths such as “Hansel and Gretel”, “The Snow Queen”, and “The Pied Piper”.


Darkwing by Kenneth Oppel
As the sun sets on the time of the dinosaurs, a new world is left in its wake. Unlike the other chiropters, Dusk is able to fly and see in the dark. Dusk’s differences from the rest of the colony make his life hard enough. But when the whole colony is driven from their home will they be able to find a place among the other beasts struggling to dominate this new world?


Titan’s Curse by Rick Riordan *(Lexile 630L)
J RIO, Young Adult RIO, jCD FIC RIO
When the goddess Artemis disappears while hunting a rare, ancient monster, a group of her followers joins Percy and his friends in an attempt to find and rescue her. This is the third action packed adventure for Percy Jackson. Series: Percy Jackson & the Olympians
Read the first two adventures: The Lightning Thief and The Sea of Monsters.


Travels of Thelonious by Susan Schade and Jon Buller
Meet Thelonious Chipmunk, a Talker and adventurer. He lives in a world where the animals talk and human beings might be extinct. When a flood sweeps Thelonious from his comfortable home, he discovers the City of Ruins and makes three new friends-a bear, a porcupine, and a lizard. Using alternating chapters of graphic novel and straight text, readers are introduced to these unlikely traveling companions.
Series: The Fog Mound Sequels: Faradawn and Simon’s Dream


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